Wellness support for mothers of all ages in all stages

Do you  prioritize everyone else first and place your needs last?  There are so many obstacles to taking good care of yourself while also nurturing your family. On most days you probably feel exhausted and depleted... like you're running on empty. 

  I am here to offer a lifeline and guide you towards creating space for the self-care you deserve and are yearning for!  I can help you fill your well... so that you may mother yourself and your children well.


Love and support will be delivered directly to your home with in person sessions or via live video. No tidying up or child-care necessary!

Wellness and balance don't have to be elusive and impossible to attain. I've developed an array of tools to refuel and recharge your mothering journey today and as your children grow. Together we will create a  transformational plan to nourish your body, feed your soul and free your busy mind utilizing:

  • Yoga & Movement

  • Meditation & Breathwork

  • Natural Beauty & Wellness 

  • Nutrition & Whole Foods 

Maya has a Bachelor's Degree  from the University of California Santa Cruz in Psychology, with a focus on child development. She worked extensively with infants, young children and parents in daycare and classroom settings long before she had two children of her own.  She has homeschooled, private schooled and public schooled. She knows the challenges of being a stay at home mom, as well a single working mom. Her understanding of motherhood spans from birth to the teen years and into adulthood. Maya has published three books  and contributed to dozens of publications in print. Her newest book on wellness for girls was created with the hope of teaching self-care before womanhood even begins. Maya is a certified yoga instructor and trained by Judith Hanson Lasater in the the art of Rest an Renew (Restorative Yoga).

Contact Maya for her Mother*Well rates and offerings.